Popular questions

Do we receive the unedited images?

As a photographer, I consider myself being an artist who does not like to show unfinished work. Editing is the part of the job. So unfortunately no, I don’t offer all the unedited images only the ones done included within your package.

How far do you travel?

As far as you want me to! As I love to explore new places travelling has never been an issue for me, However, you have to remember that I may not know the area so you will have to choose the location.

When will we receive our photographs?

Editing any pictures takes plenty of time. The more pictures you choose the more it takes. If it's a small shoot like family, maternity, couple or small birthday party or hen party then it takes up to two weeks. If it is a wedding then up to four weeks.

What is the booking process?

Get in touch and we can have a phone call or meet in person if it's about the wedding. It's always better to meet in person before such a big day in your life but it's not obligatory. After that, if we decide what your wish you will have to secure the date by paying the deposit which is £200. All other shoots £100.

Do you work alone?

Yes, I do work alone however if you would like a second shooter, especially during your wedding then I know some great photographers who will be happy to assist.

Do you require a deposit?

I ask for a £100 deposit from my clients if they want to secure a date and book me for their shoot. If its a wedding the deposit is £200.

Can I order prints and albums?

Of course! All your photographs are provided at full quality with no watermarks which means you’re welcome to print away, however, if you would prefer more premium prints e.g in a higher resolution or albums, please see my photo products offer -->

What should I wear for a shoot?

If it's your wedding then we're sorted! :) If it's another shoot I always suggest white, beige, pastels, muted, neutral colours. Why is that? Because wherever we go and shoot you will match the location as colours like that look good everywhere! I would wear some smart, casual outfits avoiding too match colours and patterns. Preferably if more people, it's best to stay within the same colour pallet however it's your shoot and I want you to feel comfortable so I will leave it to you.

What if it rains?

If we scheduled an outdoor shoot and It will heavily rain then we can reschedule or I can suggest some indoor location so the weather won't be a problem! :)