One thing I know about family is being aware of how fast our children grow! I am a mother of one, constantly holding my camera and photographing my 2-year-old to freeze these moments in my camera. I proudly display them later at my home or create beautiful albums that I can enjoy watching with my family and friends.

If you are looking for a family photographer who will capture the love you all share and help to create those memories you will cherish forever, then you are in the right place! Let me take you for a relaxed shoot with your family where you will all feel comfortable with the camera and yourselves. I am sure we will create some beautiful photographs! Have a look at what I have to offer.

some kind words from my lovely clients

Weronika & Cris

“Emilia is a very warm person with whom you really feel very comfortable. Stress ate me and my partner, especially him, because he is a man who doesn’t like being photographed. Emilia created a very relaxed atmosphere, in which we completely forgot that it was a shoot. We were ourselves, no posing, no stress. Emilia captured exactly the most natural moments, creating photos like from the Vogue magazine. She is absolutely professional, but at the same time, you feel like you are with a well-known person...”

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few questions you may have about a shoot

WHAT's the location of the shoot?

The location of the shoot depends on your needs. I am a true local guide and probably know 99% of the best outdoor places to shoot in South Yorkshire and the Peak District. I always ask you what your ideas for a shoot are. Would you like it by the lake, in the forest, on top of the mountain or in the city? Travelling on location is included in your package up to 15 miles from Barnsley centre. If you want me to travel further, the cost of travelling is added to the package.

I like to believe that the shoot with me is also a visual experience. I often take you to places you have no idea exist. It's usually a combination of sightseeing and shooting :) I love being outdoors discovering new places, so I am sure you won't be bored with me.

I am aware that each family is different, the kids are different ages and have different motor abilities so I always discuss the locations with you so it can be prams, wheelchairs or small kids friendly!

family photobook barnsley gamily photographer


The shoot usually takes an hour or sometimes an hour and a half, depending on your chosen package. I typically take around 400 photos and then share the gallery with you, including around 100-120 edited photos. You can then select your favourites :) The gallery is valid for a month. You can download your pictures there or share your photos with friends and family!


Depending on the season, I like to stick to whites, blacks and natural, earthy colours like beige and cream. I am always sending you a step-by-step guide about preparing for a shoot. There are plenty of valuable tips. :) We often discuss your outfit ideas on our zoom or phone consultation. You can wear a fancy dress or a more casual outfit. Everything depends on what effect you want to get. With the guide you receive from me, you should know exactly what to wear! 

family photoshoot barnsley photographer


The right preparation is 80% success. I like to know more about my clients before they come for a shoot so we all feel more comfortable with each other. We discuss your expectations, vision, ideas, outfit, favourite photos, ideas for poses, potential concerns and beliefs you have about the shoot. We also discuss the location, any props you are thinking of and possible photo products you would like to have after the shoot, e.g. photo book or any large format prints. I want to provide an enjoyable experience for you. I am like a fairy godmother who makes your wishes come true!

How many of us can attned a shoot?

Families tends to be big!! I a am happy to accomodate up to 6 people on a shoot however as the amount of people grown It will take more time and energy to do the shoot so If you have a big family get in touch and we can discuss that. I don't mind if you bring a dog or any other pet as well as long as you keep it on a leash for a safety reasons as we will rather be in a public place.

barnsley family photographer


Depending on the package you choose, you will receive a different number of photos.

Once we meet at the shoot location, we will take a walk, chat about how you feel, and take some photos! I usually start with some poses while you are walking, so you can warm up and not feel as stressed. As the shoot goes on, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable with the camera. You may even start making jokes or doing funny poses. I have seen it so many times! You can see how all the tension drops, and you suddenly become very relaxed.

Then we will take some family portraits with the youngest members of the family to keep their focus as it tends to disappear quickly. After that, we can do more where you can mix with each other and have some fun things together, like lifting the kids, playing, and making funny poses.

You can definitely bring some blankets, food, kids' favourite toys, and any other necessary equipment you need to take care of the youngest ones.

I promise It will be a very fun experience! 

barnsley family photographer Emilia Czarnota

What's the best time to do a family photoshoot?

I would say it depends. If you have very small kids that do not walk, I would definitely recommend doing it during the warmer months from April to September if it's outdoors. If they walk, I don't see any reason why not to do it during winter as well. If we talk about the time of day, it all depends on you. I know naps are important, especially for younger ones, so whether you want to do it early in the morning or rather late in the afternoon, as long as it's bright outside, I don't see a problem :) You, as a parent, know best when your kids are at their best mood!

If you are thinking about an indoor shoot, then any time of the year is great! I can visit you at your home and do a very relaxed shoot as well.

pregnancy photoshoot barnsley photographer

with each package, you will RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING

  1. High-quality edited photos with no watermark available to choose from the online password-protected gallery that is valid for a month
  2. An 1-1,5 hour shoot at the chosen location within 15 miles from Barnsley
  3. Consultation with me where we can discuss all your ideas, needs, expectations
  4. My step-by-step shoot guide so you know how to prepare, what to wear and what to expect
  5. My full support via WhatsApp, phone, Instagram or email

Have a look at my packages to see more!

barnsley family photographer emilia czarnota


Online or personal consultation before the shoot (value £50)

Up to 1,5-2 hours photo shoot, including travelling on location within 30 miles from Barnsley (value £200)

Full gallery (around 70) professionally edited high-resolution photos that you can choose yourself from an online gallery (value £1000)

One month's access to the gallery

Customised photobook size 25x25cm where the customer chooses the book's colour and text. Delivered at a chosen address (value £200)

25% discount voucher valid for a year for another shoot


Current offer: £375

Prices valid till the end of 08/2023

winter baby photoshoot barnsley photographer


Online consultation before the shoot (value £50)

Up to 1,5-hours photo shoot, including travelling on location within 25 miles from Barnsley (value £150)

40 professionally edited high-resolution photos that you can choose yourself from an online gallery (value £600)

One month's access to the gallery

Customised photobook size 20x20cm where the customer chooses the book's colour and text. Delivered at a chosen address (value £150)

15% discount voucher valid for a year for another shoot


Current offer: £295

Prices valid till the end of 08/2023

barnsley family photoshoot


Online consultation before the shoot (value £50)

Up to one-hour photo shoot, including travelling on location within 15 miles from Barnsley (value £200)

10 professionally edited high-resolution photos that you can choose yourself from an online gallery (value £100)

One month's access to the gallery


Current offer: £150

Prices valid till the end of 08/2023

more kind words...

Ania & Robert

“Emilia was absolutely fantastic! She has picked up a really nice spot for a photo shoot plus by chatting away the whole time, made us feel comfortable and at ease! Great photografer and a lovely person as well. Highly recommended!”

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SOme important thing to say...


As a huge nature lover, I decided to make a difference and, while doing my job, do something for our planet as well. So, together with ONE TREE PLANTED, I plant trees. So, each time you book a shoot with me, I plant 3 trees! I do this because our planet is our home, and you do take care of your home.

one tree planted emilia czarnota wedding photographer

have you chosen your package? Are you ready for some beautiful shots? :)

Here's what you need to do next

Choose the package you want and fill in the contact form below. If you think you would prefer to make some slight changes, let me know as well, we can adjust a package to your needs. After your package is chosen, you can choose the time slot and book your session on my booking site.

To secure the slot, the deposit of £100 needs to be paid upfront if the shoot is booked at least 4 weeks before. The rest of the amount is due 4 weeks before the shoot. If the time is shorter than 4 weeks, the full amount is due. The deposit is not refundable if the shoot is cancelled by the client.

I am looking forward to meet your family and capture some amazing photos of you all! <3

contact me

How big is your family? Haw many kids do you have? What do you do in your free time or for leaving? Any hobbies? How do you spend your time altogether? What are the kid's ages?

Do you have an outfit or a theme in mind?

1 - not interested at all, 5 - I would like it but its fine if I don't have it, 10 - very excited

Popular questions

Do we receive the unedited images?

As a photographer, I consider myself being an artist who does not like to show unfinished work. Editing is part of the job. So, unfortunately, I don’t offer all the unedited images only the edited ones included within your package.

How far do you travel?

As far as you want me to! As I love to explore new places travelling has never been an issue. Extra travel costs can be added on top, depending on how far from Barnsley you want me to travel.

When will we receive our photographs?

Editing any pictures takes plenty of time. The more pictures you choose, the more it takes. If it's a small shoot like a family, maternity, couple or small birthday party or hen party, then it takes up to two weeks. If it is a wedding, then up to four weeks. I do my best to deliver the photos as soon as possible, so sometimes, if I am not that busy, you can have them quicker.

Do you require a deposit?

I ask my clients for a £100 deposit if they want to book a shoot more than 4 weeks in advance. The deposit is non-refundable if I am cancelled within 4 weeks before the shoot. The rest of the payment is due 4 weeks before the shoot or immediately if scheduled within a shorter period. The deposit for the wedding is different though is £250 and the final payments have to be made earlier. You can find more under my wedding offer.

Can I order prints and albums?

Of course! All your photographs are provided at full quality with no watermarks, which means you’re welcome to print them away. I do bespoke photo books, photo boxes, large format prints, crystal boards, USB drives and traditional albums. You can have a read about them just above under PRINTED PRODUCTS.

What if it rains?

Everything can happen. If there is a rain prediction but not heavy rain, the shoot carries on as scheduled. I recommend taking some umbrellas and wellington boots, just in case :) Often after rain, you have the best sunsets and rainbows! If the weather is terrible, it's very stormy, windy and rainy, then I suggest some indoor locations, or we may reschedule the shoot however it rarely happens.

I don't know how to pose

First, you must stop worrying, forget everything you believe and think about traditional photography. Many of the photos I take are done while you are not looking! You will be moving around as well! I will guide you the entire time like you would be a total beginner. You need to keep your mind open for the experience, which will be great!

I am too fat, I lack confidence, I am not photogenic, shy and unattractive

We all have our insecurities; however, I believe that each woman can be beautiful and confident with some help, faith and support. Usually, with the appropriate outfit, make-up, and hair added on top, you will immediately start to feel confident and beautiful. What you need is someone who will be able to understand and address your needs. The shoot can help you change and transform in ways you may not believe. Only if you let yourself immerse in the whole experience.

So if you still think it's not for you, contact me first, and we will see what we can do about it :)

Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, UK