A hen party is definitely one of those unique parties in your life that I always suggest getting captured! There are so many interesting things going on during the day, evening, or night that I would be over the moon if someone considered booking me as a photographer for that night! The amount of alcohol your bridal party consumes usually stops them from taking good photos. At the end of the day, they just want to have great fun and not worry about taking photos that will not be as good as a professional would have done.

A hen party is a very intimate and usually fun kind of party where there is no place for formalities! You simply want to have the best party of your life just before you get married. Women are excellent at organizing great hen parties! It is always a waste if you don't have any photos from that event. Having a photographer at such a party should be as obvious as booking a photographer for your wedding day. It only needs capturing!

One of the advantages of having a photographer during a hen party is that the photographer can capture candid moments of the bride-to-be and her friends enjoying themselves, which will be cherished memories for years to come. These moments are often missed if everyone is busy taking their own photos, and they can be incredibly special to look back on.

Additionally, with a photographer, the group can be assured that they will have high-quality photos that are worthy of being displayed in photo albums or even on social media platforms, rather than just blurry smartphone pictures. The photographer can also create some fun and creative shots that the group may not have thought of themselves, making for some truly unique and memorable photos.

If you are thinking about booking a photographer for your own hen party or you are a maid of honor who would like to book it with the rest as a part of the day/evening activity, you won't regret it. Trust me, these photos will be something you and your friends will cherish for years to come.

some kind words from my lovely clients

Molly & Billy

“We had our engagement shoot with Emilia at the weekend and had an amazing time. She made us both feel so relaxed and captured us both perfectly! We received the images really quickly and are over the moon with them. Can't wait to book for our wedding. Thanks again x”

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hen party bride to be photo
hen party cake game over
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few questions you may have about a shooting during the day

how many hours do you cover?

I would say I can cover as many hours as you want me to! Personally, I advise at least two hours. Depending on your day/evening agenda, we need to discuss what will happen during this time. I've seen hen parties where there were activities planned such as Q&A for the bride, dinner, boat cruise, chocolate-making classes, dance classes, karaoke, mini golf, limousine driving, etc. All of this is usually great fun and definitely needs to be captured.

As it gets dark and the night becomes more mysterious, and everyone gets drunker, I usually call it a day! This way, you can keep having a great time without anyone knowing there might be some humiliating photos captured :D I usually cover the active part of the day where you can have a bridal shoot, dinner, some kind of indoor or outdoor activities, boat cruise, beach barbecue, champagne at the Jacuzzi, etc. We always have a consultation before you book me so we can discuss all your ideas!

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how far do you travel?

I travel as far as you would like me to however depend on the distance they may be some extra travel expenses added on top. Within my standard packages, I cover events up to 50 miles from Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

What kind of photos I may RECEIVE?

I mostly focus on candid moments when you all having fun so I can capture the true spirit of the event. However, I'll be honest, I love to suggest some nice group shots during the day if you are doing something nice. You will also get the photos of the detail shots like your hen party decorations, any gifts you're getting, and room set up if it's organized in a private place just for you! You can see a sample gallery below!

Do I need to agree to publish each part of the party by you on your website or social media?

As I do understand that events like hen parties are usually meant to be kept secret, I do not publish any photos that you don't want me to. When you receive your gallery, you can mark photos that you would like as private. Only the owner of the gallery can do this. If a photo is marked as private, I will not post it anywhere, and it will be only for your eyes. However, I do ask for at least 15 photos from the event that I will be able to post. If you do not wish me to post anything and would like all your photos marked as private, then there is an extra fee of 100 pounds. This is due to the lack of marketing material that I can post later to attract new potential customers.

hen party photos example
hen party photos example


The right preparation is 80% success. I like to know more about my clients before I come and photograph them. I want you to feel comfortable with me. We discuss your expectations, vision, ideas for photos if you have any, the number of people present, addresses of the places you are going to be, any props you are thinking to use during the day and any possible printed products you would like to have after the shoot, e.g. photo book or any large format prints. I want to provide an enjoyable experience for you. I am like a fairy godmother who makes your wishes come true!

I promise It will be a very fun experience! 

hen party photographer sheffield

with each package, you will RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING

  1. At least 100 guaranteed high-quality edited photos with no watermark available to choose from the online password-protected gallery that is valid for a month
  2. At least 2 hours of coverage up to 50 miles from Barnsley, South Yorkshire
  3. Consultation with me where we can discuss all your ideas, needs, expectations
  4. Fast editing time of up to 2 weeks
  5. My full support via WhatsApp, phone, Instagram or email

Prices start at £350 for 2 hours of COVERAGE.

Here's what you need to do next

Fill in the contact form below to tell me a bit more about your event. I need to know some basic information like what's the date of the event or for how many hours you are thinking to book me.

To secure the date, the deposit of £100 needs to be paid upfront if the event is booked in advance. The rest of the amount is due at least a week before the shoot. The deposit is not refundable if the event is cancelled by the client.

I am looking forward to meeting you and your bridal party and capturing some amazing photos of you all! <3

hen party barnsley photographer
hen party barnsley photographer

contact me

Are you the bride or you are organizing a hen party on behalf of the bride?

Tell me all your thoughts! What's the plan? How are you going to spend the day?

1 - not interested at all, 5 - I would like it but its fine if I don't have it, 10 - very excited

Popular questions

Do we receive the unedited images?

As a photographer, I consider myself being an artist who does not like to show unfinished work. Editing is part of the job. So, unfortunately, I don’t offer all the unedited images only the edited ones included within your package.

How far do you travel?

As far as you want me to! As I love to explore new places travelling has never been an issue. Extra travel costs can be added on top, depending on how far from Barnsley you want me to travel.

When will we receive our photographs?

Editing any pictures takes plenty of time. The more pictures you choose, the more it takes. If it's a small shoot like a family, maternity, couple or small birthday party or hen party, then it takes up to two weeks. If it is a wedding, then up to four weeks. I do my best to deliver the photos as soon as possible, so sometimes, if I am not that busy, you can have them quicker.

Do you require a deposit?

I ask my clients for a £100 deposit if they want to book a shoot in advance. The deposit is non-refundable if I am cancelled within 4 weeks before the shoot. The rest of the payment is due 1 week before the shoot or immediately if scheduled within a shorter period. The deposit for the wedding is different though is £250 and the final payments have to be made earlier. You can find more under my wedding offer.

Can I order prints and albums?

Of course! All your photographs are provided at full quality with no watermarks, which means you’re welcome to print them away. I do bespoke photo books, photo boxes, large format prints, crystal boards, USB drives and traditional albums. You can have a read about them just above under PRINTED PRODUCTS.

What if it rains?

Everything can happen. If there is a rain prediction but not heavy rain, the shoot carries on as scheduled. I recommend taking some umbrellas and wellington boots, just in case :) Often after rain, you have the best sunsets and rainbows! If the weather is terrible, it's very stormy, windy and rainy, then I suggest some indoor locations, or we may reschedule the shoot however it rarely happens.

I don't know how to pose

First, you must stop worrying, forget everything you believe and think about traditional photography. Many of the photos I take are done while you are not looking! You will be moving around as well! I will guide you the entire time like you would be a total beginner. You need to keep your mind open for the experience, which will be great!

Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England, UK