Do you think posing can be easy? Of course, you don't, but with the right photographer it will be more pleasant, fun and comfortable, you need to choose well and know some good tips!

For many of us, taking part in a photoshoot can be very stressful, especially when we do it for the first time with a photographer we don’t know. In addition, we tend to have bad past experiences or beliefs about posing.

To help you feel more prepared and comfortable during the shoot...

Here are my 5 tips for an engagement photoshoot that will help you enjoy it and feel more relaxed. Let’s get started!

  1. Get your ideas for poses. You can find plenty of inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest. When you look for ideas, you suddenly start to notice how many possible poses you can do during your shoot. If some of them feel awkward or weird, leave them behind. Add the rest to your phone gallery and show them to your photographer if you are eager to do them :)
  2. Talk to your photographer if they suggest poses that make you feel uncomfortable. A happy client loves the photos the photographer produces. So if you feel unpleasant, awkward, or strange while doing a pose, tell the photographer you would instead try something different. It's your shoot, so the result may not be satisfying if you are not honest about how you feel.
  3. Poses in the move. To help you relax at the beginning of the shoot, it’s a good idea to do the pose in action, which means you can do a little walk or maybe a dance. Then you don’t have to stay still and look at the camera. If the photographer is not going to suggest that, you can. Moving helps you chill out and get used to the camera.
  4. Decide on an outfit which will help you boost your confidence. An outfit often depends on the vision you have. For example, you may wear a casual or a long fancy dress. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel confident and attractive. I guess I don't have to say it's proven that an outfit you feel 100% yourself will immediately make you feel more beautiful, confident and relaxed.
  5. Do not expose part of your body you don’t like. This point usually applies to women, who are more anxious about their appearance. So if, e.g. you think your arms or legs or another part of your body look fat, wear a piece of clothing that will cover that so when you see the photos while delivered, you will not say you like any of them. Photographers will capture you as you are without adding a filter that will make you look skinnier. People are used to the fact that they can often use, e.g. Instagram or Facebook filters that will make their eyes brighter, their noses narrower and their faces thinner. In real photography, you have to accept how you look and only use some tricks to look more appealing; however, it won't be artificial but authentic, and that's what photography is about.

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