Many people wonder what photographers really do during a typical wedding day. Is there enough to cover? Would they have enough to photograph, or what are they actually focusing on the whole time?

As a photographer, I always ask my couples about the agenda of the day so I can create my own plan and capture all the important moments you want me to photograph, working around your schedule. Not all couples decide to have the entire day covered, but if you do, you won't regret it. Wonder why? Because everything happening during the day is part of the whole story—a story you would love to revisit in your wedding album.

Considering the fact that the idea of a traditional wedding day constantly evolves, the below plan of the day is how it usually takes place. However, all weddings are different, and sometimes couples like to do things differently! :)

What (as a photographer) I cover during a wedding day:

  1. Venue - Before all the hustle, I usually take a walk around the venue to identify potential spots for the best portrait photos. I photograph the venue, the decor, and the general vibe of the place.
  2. Bridal and Groom Preparations - This usually happens early in the morning. You can feel all the excitement and nerves. This is the time for amazing portraits of the bride or groom and a great opportunity to capture the bridal squad. There's more to that but I alredy worte a blog post about it: SHOULD I INCLUDED MORNING PREPARATIONS IN MY WEDDING PHOTO COVERAGE?
  3. Details - During preparations, I also gather the most important details like the wedding bouquet, wedding rings, engagement rings, wedding dress, wedding invitations, and all other essential items you receive or bring to wear that day. After that, we usually move from one room to another to cover...
  4. Ceremony - Focusing on the heart of the day, I document the genuine sentiments, vows, and unique atmosphere of the ceremony. This is a must-have part that everyone always wants :D Important tip —> When getting married at the church, make sure the priest/vicar fully agrees for the photographers to move around to take your photos. Wedding photographers can only be far in the back and are not allowed to move around! After all the nerves, it's usually time for...
  5. Confetti - Confetti is a lot of fun! It may happen straight after the ceremony or before entering the venue. No matter what you decide, the photographs are always great! Then, after you have that drink and receive the wishes, we gather for:
  6. Group Portraits - For many couples, these are extremely important but can also be very tiring, as suddenly everyone wants a photo with you. It's worth making a list of must-have shots. Sometimes it's better to skip some of them for your own sanity and focus only on those that are gold. When we finish with group portraits, we usually sneak away for a...
  7. Couple shoot - Which is usually one of the most important things. Sometimes there's also time after the meal for that, so I may split it and try to capture you basking in the sunset light. During this time, you have a few minutes just for yourself to enjoy, take a break from all that's been going on, and have some amazing photos taken.

At this point, you're probably bored and overwhelmed with all that information, so I'll add that there are still things like cake cutting, full-of-laughter speeches, the first dance, and the party! As you can see, there's a lot to cover! Usually, everything happens within 12 hours, so it's spread out in time :D

Couples who come to me often have different budgets and decide on different coverages. That's why I offer 4-8-12 hours of coverage depending on your needs.

Now that you know what a typical wedding day looks like, it's easier for you to decide how many hours of coverage you need :D

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