6 CREATIVE IDEAS taken from a wedding AT WHIRLOW BROOK HALL THAT YOU CAN BORROW and implement into yours!

  1. Small drawings of the couple, copied from real photos, done by a family member. If you're looking to engage your family in preparing your wedding, that's one of the ideas to consider. On each table, there was either a drawing of the couple or a small photo in a frame from some fun moments in their life.
  2. Mirror wedding table plan in a frame, another idea on how to show your guests their seats. You can use a seal to stick the cards to the mirror and name the tables after your favorite places!
  3. Game and sweets gift bags for the kids, so they can be entertained as well during the meal!
  4. Guest book + Instax. That will create unforgettable memories for you and your guests. They can make an entry in the book and take a photo of the fun they're having. Usually, all different props are also included so they can have some fun while writing their wishes for you!
  5. Sparklers for a sparkle exit! When it's dark and you're looking to have some nice photography done or just to have a memorable experience, you can ask your guests to light the sparklers. It's usually a lot of fun for the whole party!
  6. Write us a message when we sign the register! You can ask your guests to write you personal messages on a small piece of paper you leave at their seats when you're signing the papers. It will keep their minds occupied so no time is wasted!

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