Make your wedding day more personal with these 5 ideas!

I recently photographed a wedding where the bride was of Indian heritage and the groom was English. Their civil ceremony was held at the beautiful Priest House in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Due to my attention to details, I found 5 interesting and creative things from the day you can incorporate into yours.

A wedding dress that isn't obvious.

The bride's choice wasn't that obvious since she is Indian, and some of you may know how important tradition is in Indian culture. There is a traditional Indian wedding dress called a lehenga, which is usually red in color. Red lehengas embedded with heavy gold embroidery, paired with matching floor-length veils draped over the head. The bride decided to choose an emerald green and gold embroidery dress which is considered the second most popular colour and historically the symbol of fertility and growth. She also decided not to wrap the veil over her head and didn’t go for traditional Indian henna on her hands. As you see you can implement some customs on your wedding day but have your own opinion about it, and if something’s not fit for you just skip it.

Message in a bottle

The second interesting detail I noticed was a small box with paper cards and pencils left on the table before the entrance to the place where the ceremony took place. Each guest could write a small personal message for the couple, wrap it and put it into the glass bottle. Almost like a love letter thrown into a glass bottle and then to the sea! It’s a nice alternative to a wedding guestbook!

Personalized groom cufflinks

Men tend to choose different cufflinks for their wedding suits. It really makes an impression when they are personalized! The groom went for the one with the names of him and the bride as well as the date of their wedding. The cufflinks had emerald stones inside so they could match the bride’s dress. Definitely a nice touch!

Wedding activity book for kids

Those of you who have kids know how hard sometimes is to keep the kids at the restaurant table and tell them to sit and wait for the food to be served. The couple came across those kids who had been invited and organized them wedding activity books. Basically, kids between ages 2-8 got colouring books and crayons so they could keep their minds busy when waiting for the food. I believe that’s a great idea for the youngest usually the most bored audience at this kind of event. As the wedding finished after the dinner, the kids had to spend at the table only 2 hours. I believe they managed to do it :) If you are looking to invite kids to your wedding, think about their parents who will relax more when their kids have that time planned.

Carbon fibre wedding rings

The most common wedding ring material is of course gold and all its shades. Then we have platinum, palladium, sterling silver, titanium etc. etc.

Carbon fibre rings are incredibly strong and lightweight, able to easily withstand abuse from a hard-working artisan. It’s one of the strongest materials you can choose for wedding rings. The couple didn’t want any wedding rings initially but finally decided to make them of carbon fibre. For those of you who don’t know, the rings are black. I believe is an interesting alternative, especially for those who like to do things their way and do not resist trends. If you look for wedding ring ideas maybe this one will be right for you!

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