Recently I've been approached by a CLIENT to ADVISE her how to look skinnier IN photos. I thought it would be a great blog post that may help many of you! Most of the time is A matter of A few simple changes. HERE ARE YOUR 11 ideas!

11 ideas to help you look skinny in photos

  1. Dress in darker colors. Darker colors, especially black, create a slimming effect, making you appear slimmer and more toned however if it’s not the color you like or look good don’t wear it.
  2. Wear form-fitting clothing. Wearing clothes that fit well will flatter your body and create a streamlined appearance.
  3. Avoid bulky clothing. Avoid wearing clothing that is too bulky, as it can add unnecessary volume and make you look larger.
  4. Choose high-waisted bottoms. High-waisted bottoms help elongate the legs, creating a more slender appearance.
  5. Stand up straight. Good posture is essential for creating a more streamlined and elongated appearance.
  6. Avoid standing directly facing the camera. Standing at an angle or turning your body slightly can help create a more slender appearance.
  7. Position your arms strategically. Holding your arms slightly away from your body or resting them on your hips can help create a slimmer silhouette.
  8. Use flattering poses. Try turning your body to the side, placing one foot in front of the other, and shifting your weight to your back foot. This creates a more slender silhouette.
  9. Avoid horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes can make you appear wider. Instead, try vertical stripes or solid colors.
  10. Tilt your head. Tilt your head slightly to create a more angular jawline and to avoid a double chin.
  11. Wear a V-neck. Wearing a V-neck can help create a slimmer appearance by elongating the neck and drawing the eye downward.

how to look skinny on photos ideas Barnsley photographer
how to look skinny on photos barnsley photographer


how to look skinny on photos barnsley photographer
how to look skinny on photos barnsley photographer
how to look skinny on photos barnsley photographer