Last week, my family and I took a much-needed break to explore Scotland. I thought it would be a fantastic idea to capture the breathtaking Scottish landscape and perhaps even do a couple's shoot near where we were staying. I posted in a local group, announcing my presence in Scotland and offering an hour of my time for a photo shoot. That's how I connected with a couple who were happy to meet up for a mini photo session. <3

I was determined to catch the sunrise, so I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 am, wondering why on earth I was getting up so early. Driving through the pitch-black Scottish mountains, I couldn't help but wonder if I might accidentally crash somewhere on these narrow roads. But as any photographer knows, the lengths we go to for the perfect shot can be a bit absurd at times! :D:D After a 40-minute journey, the day started to brighten, and I was getting in higher parts of the mountains. It was snowing there over night! It was freezing, but undeniably beautiful! <3

Upon reaching the remote location, I realized there was no internet or cell service, only an SOS option. When I arrived, the couple hadn't yet shown up. At that moment I thought that something might have gone wrong or that they'd gone to a different spot. Without means to contact them, I waited. Thankfully, after 10 minutes, they arrived! It turned out their car had broken down on the way, but they made it to the location.

Despite the sub-zero temperatures and my freezing fingers, I did my best to capture the moment. The couple, braving the cold with minimal clothing, showed remarkable courage! <3 Some may think that winter isn't ideal for couple's shoots due to the challenging weather conditions and difficulty maintaining focus and poses in the cold. But as these photos demonstrate, with determination, great shots are still possible regardless of the weather!

If anyone ever wonders whether I'd be up for climbing a mountain to capture a sunrise or sunset, the answer is - YES! Exploration + taking photos = what like to do the most :D <3 So if you're ready for a couple shoot with me just simply email me through my contact form!

scottish borders, couple mountain photoshoot

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a winter shoot high up in the mountains:

  1. Agree on Meeting Protocol: Since there may be no cell service or internet connection, agree beforehand on how long you'll wait for each other in case someone is running late. Also, ensure you both have agreed on the exact meeting location. Google Maps and Apple Maps can sometimes show different locations, so it's best to attach a screenshot of the map for clarity.
  2. Stay Warm: As it's winter, make sure to pack some warm tea or coffee in a thermos and dress warmly with gloves, hats, and scarves. While it might not be your typical outfit choice, it's essential for those moments when you're not actively shooting and need to keep warm instead of freezing.
  3. Prepare Ideas: If you have specific ideas for photos, consider creating a Pinterest board to share with the photographer or compiling a gallery that you can send in advance. This way, both parties are prepared and on the same page before the shoot.
  4. Be Weather-Aware: Remember that mountain weather can vary drastically from the location where you live. While it may be 20 degrees in the city on a warm summer day, it could be only 14 degrees at the mountain's summit. Never underestimate the weather conditions in such locations!

If you'd like to follow my photography project, be sure to check out my Instagram account @emiliaczarnotaphoto for more updates!

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