In the past two weeks, I have learned a few things about women in their 50s, especially those going through a divorce. It's like a breakup in your teenage years but with the added complexity of long shared memories while having grown-up children. If you wonder if the woman in the photos is going through some tough time, she does. She also agrees to use the photos as an example for this text to help others understand that they can choose how they go about such experiences. I am actually very proud of her that despite the pain she must be feeling she manages herself that well.

Becoming single at this stage of life...

... can be disruptive and confusing. Suddenly, after years of being in a relationship, you find yourself as a fully independent person, living life on your own terms. This can be overwhelming and same depressing, but it also presents an opportunity depending on how you look at it to discover your true self.

It's true that we all try to figure out who we are as independent individuals. If we decide to go the optimistic way, we start new projects, try new things, and uncover our long-neglected needs. We want to believe that we can be happy again, whether alone or with someone else. And that's where a portrait photoshoot comes in.


A photoshoot can give you a new look, boost your confidence, and make you feel beautiful, special, and unique. It can help you embrace the new identity you want to create for yourself. I know that this feeling is not exclusive to women, as we all go through changes in our lives that can leave us feeling lost.

Having a photoshoot can be almost therapeutic, helping you to believe that you can manage the new chapter in your life that is ahead of you. It can help you realize that you can become a strong, independent person, regardless of your age. 

So, if you're going through a transition in your life, consider a photoshoot as a way to celebrate your new identity and boost your confidence. Remember, you're never too old or too mature to reinvent yourself and live your best life. If you manage, treat it as an opportunity to create for yourself a brand new life while being a bit older this time...

First set up under cherry blossom tree

portrait photoshoot 50 years old cherry blossom
portrait photoshoot 50 years old barnsley photographer
portrait photoshoot 50 years old barnsley photographer

2nd set up at the RAPESEED field

rapseed field shoot for your 50th birthday
how to add confidence in your fifties
photoshoot for a mature woman