What if you can have a birthday photoshoot every year?

I recently had the pleasure of doing a birthday shoot for these beautiful ladies. They approached me, saying they would like to have a photoshoot with balloons on their birthday. They started doing it two years ago, and it seems like they are going to continue this tradition. It's a great idea, especially if you have a twin sister to do it with. Not only do you have a lot of fun during the shoot, but you also get the opportunity to explore a new location and dress up!

Initially, we had planned for a sunset shoot in Sheffield. However, on the day of the shoot, a rail strike began, and the girls had no way to come to Sheffield as their trains were cancelled. I suggested that I could go to Nottingham and do the shoot there for them. That way, we could save the day and take the photos just before their actual birthday. I found a great location in Nottingham by the Victoria Embankment, which is called War Memorial Garden plus a nearby suspension bridge over the river which turned out to be a perfect place for the shoot.

I am sure that I don’t have to tell you that a photoshoot like this can be a dream come true for those who once thought about doing a modelling job. That’s actually a great opportunity to have a feel of that by doing a shoot like this :D

portrait photoshoot Nottingham
portrait photoshoot Nottingham

If you're thinking of having a shoot like this, here are a few things you can bring along:

  • Birthday balloons
  • Hand sparklers (but make sure you have a gas lighter, as it was almost impossible to light them up in the wind)
  • Flaming fountains
  • Some great outfits
  • A positive attitude
  • Some extra layers of clothes, just in case it's cold so you can put on some warm clothes right after the shoot!

A shoot like this is not just about the photos; it's an experience. It gives you the opportunity to try something new, explore a new location, learn something about yourself, meet new people, and create awesome memories.

Just imagine doing a shoot every single year. With each shoot, comes a story to tell to your friends, family, and even your future kids!

I believe that people should think of a shoot in that way. Like of a great experience not just the next random photo you would take with your phone.

If you're considering an outdoor shoot like this or would like to give it as a gift, feel free to contact me. I can prepare a photo gift voucher for you or arrange a shoot directly. I am open for your ideas!