Many couples ever wonder...

Do we need an engagement shoot? Are engagement photos necessary? Is it worth it?

To answer this question, let me explain what an engagement shoot is and why you should have it.

An engagement shoot, also known as a pre-wedding photo shoot, is a photo shoot you have before your wedding day. It is usually an hour long and takes place at a location chosen by the couple, usually an important one for them, or if it doesn't matter, the photographer can suggest some great spots. 

what is an engagement shoot

Couples often decide to do the shoot for a few different reasons:

  1. As you look for a wedding photographer, you have the chance to get to know the photographer who is taking an engagement shoot, see how they work and what you can expect from them during the wedding day. Believe it or not, a wedding photographer is one of the most significant people at your wedding as they will be around you the entire day. Hence, ideally, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence. After the engagement shoot, you can ask yourself questions like: Did we enjoy the shoot? Were we stressed or relatively relaxed? Did we like the photographer? Was it fun for us or rather a traumatic experience? The last thing you want to do is to make that mistake and hire a photographer you will feel uncomfortable with. Treat your engagement shoot as a chance to get to know your photographer and capture some great memories.
  2. You will see what photos you can expect to receive on your wedding day just by seeing your engagement photos. When the shoot is done, and it's time to watch your engagement photos so you can get a clear idea of how your pictures turned out and also did the photographer delivered what they promised? . Many couples, while coming on a shoot, say:,,We don't really like taking photos of us, we feel awkward, we don't know how to pose, we are not photogenic.'' 80% of couples struggle with some awful photo experience or lack confidence. Regardless of what they think, it's up to the photographer if they know how to make that photoshoot one of the most enjoyable experience the couple could have together. Success is guaranteed if they know how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you are pleased with the results you get or even excited and surprised, it only means the photographer did the job well. You can relax now and stop worrying about your wedding photos, as you can expect to receive even more amazing pictures. Your wedding outfits will also do the job!
  3. You can use engagement photos at your wedding. Some couples decide to take engagement photos to display some of them during their wedding, put in the guest book or even use them while sending wedding invitations to their guest.
  4. Celebrate the engagement. The last and the most important reason why some couples decide to have an engagement shoot is to celebrate their engagement, spend some time together, create some great memories, and try themselves out in that new situation. For many couples, a professional engagement shoot is usually a new thing they never tried before. They can usually learn something new about their connection and discover unique aspects of their inner selves. I believe experiencing new things together brings us closer to each other. Having an engagement shoot allows you to remember this very short but precious time together spent looking forward to your wedding day!

So to answer the original question, is the engagement shoot worth the hassle?

100% it is! I firmly believe that having your engagement shoot done make you stop worrying about your wedding photography. You can breathe with ease when you know your photographer does know his job. You already know how they make you feel :) Treat the photo shoot as an investment toward the most significant day in your life and a trial before your big day. You will have one thing less to worry about during your wedding day if you try your photographer first.

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