When to do an engagement shoot? 

I believe there is no good or bad timing to do the engagement shoot. But, of course, there are some advantages of doing it during the warm months. You can be pretty sure the weather will be good, it’s not as cold as during winter, and you’ll be able to wear fewer layers of clothes. 

Despite them few things, I still believe it’s very personal and depends on the vibe and mood you wish to create.

Choose the season


If you want that moody autumn orange vibe, then choose autumn. The fall looks magical in the photos, especially when we have foggy days. You can do a theme shoot like Halloween or go to a pumpkin field and shoot there. 

engagement shoot peak district rainbow
engagement shoot autumn


Choose spring if you are thinking bluebells, Rhododendron flowers, or lush green all around. It is an excellent season with plenty of good backgrounds. A picnic would be just perfect.


Choose summer if you are considering dry yellow grasses, fruit gardens, lavender fields, beaches, or the top of mountains. Exploring the tremendous outdoors during the summer is very enjoyable. In addition to that, you can have your shoot as well.

engagement shoot by the lake barnsley wedding photographer
engagement shoot peak district national park black dress


 The last one comes winter. If you are into cold swims, incredible winter sunsets, snowy days and Christmas lights, that’s the perfect season.

engagement shoot in winter barnsley wedding photographer
engagement shoot in winter barnsley wedding photographer


If you are not bothered about the season, then you can set up a date for the engagement shoot, depending on if you are planning your wedding.

If you do, you can do it a few months before the wedding as, for example, some couples like to use their engagement photos to display during the wedding reception or put them in the guest book. 


You can also do it straight after the engagement to keep that level of excitement. 

Regardless of your decision, remember that a lot depends on your engagement during the shoot and the photographer, whose job is to make you feel comfortable while capturing the essence of your love and connection.

Engagement shoots are my definite favourite so if you are looking for an engagement/wedding photographer please have a look at my engagement portfolio.

You can also get in touch, and we can discuss your ideas :) 

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