Many people when thinking about planning such a big event deal with anxiety, stress or decision overload! Which is considered quite common so don't worry if that's happening to you.

If you are about to plan your wedding, you need to choose the venue, number of guests, wedding outfits, invitations, the right florist, photographer, musician, DJ, band, decide on hundreds of other small things... the list is like a never-ending story. When you have a life to manage, it’s a huge weight on your shoulders. Besides that, you need to manage your budget, handle all the emails you get from vendors, and share all the ideas and decisions with your significant other.

I understand your struggle. People like me who work in the wedding industry have extensive experience when it comes to photographing weddings because we attend so many of them and see the patterns—same problems, same concerns, same decisions to make. We understand you.

That’s why choosing the right suppliers for your wedding, who will understand your vision, is crucial when planning your wedding. I can tell you many stories I've heard within the industry about unhappy brides who weren’t satisfied, at least with the photography they received after the wedding, admitting they could have done more research, spoken to the photographer, instead of booking them just because they were looking cheap and didn’t expect to meet them before the day.

If you allow yourself to speak to the suppliers about your needs, they will help you and advise on how you can create your dream day.

Do not consider people working in the wedding industry as your enemies who only want to take your money. We all love our jobs; we consider ourselves artists as we create some amazing things, starting from photography, stationery, flower arrangements, table setups, and many more.

Planning a wedding shouldn't be about making fast decisions and being unhappy with the results; it's about careful planning and getting on board only the right people who understand your needs.

So answering the main question:

Why should you hire the professional photographer for your wedding?

Your wedding is a significant event, like a giant canvas waiting for a breathtaking masterpiece. It's a time for classy outfits, heartfelt vows, being surrounded by your favorite people! Nobody wants to be glued to their phones, everyone want to just enjoy and celebrate the day with you! Your wedding deserves to be captured in the best possible way so when it wraps up, what stays is your memories, gifts, and timeless photographs!

Now, let's talk about why hiring a professional photographer is the best choice you can make when thinking about your wedding photos:

1. Expertise: They guide you through the day, taking your ideas into account and ensuring the photos reflect your vision perfectly. - Ok, maybe not all the photographers do that, that's why its so important to choose wisely. That’s how I work with my couples. Getting to know their needs and ideas it's always very important.

2. Equipment and Backup: The have top-notch cameras and reliable backups, so they're ready for anything unexpected.

3. Creativity: Trained to think outside the box, they capture the unique emotions and moments that make your day special. - Creativity is something that people who do not engage in photography often miss. You just can't expect them to know anything about taking photos.

4. Experience in Handling Weddings: As mentioned at the beginning, there're so many weddings, photographers attend that we know all the possible scenarios and problems that may occur during the day. Personally it helps me give you plenty of tips - If you want to hear some wedding stories, I know loads :D

5. Post-Processing Skills: Their editing skills enhance the visual appeal, providing you with images that are truly exceptional and worth cherishing. - Taking photos and working with a couple on their expectations is only one part of the job. After that, the masterpiece needs to be finished, so this is where the long hours in front of the computer comes in to curate and edit your beautiful photos.

Choosing a professional photographer isn't an easy choice; it's an investments in one of the most valued memories of your life. If you want to choose wisely you should definitely meet the photographer before booking them, review their style (if you don't like it what's the point of choosing them? ) discuss your ideas and expectations, check their testimonials, and see if you seem to be the right fit for each other. <3

Do not make these mistakes like other couples only looking for budget photographers. Good quality comes with experience, experitse and often a higher price...

My name is Emilia, a Yorkshire-based wedding and lifestyle photographer traveling all around to cover your day. I am a mum of a 3-year-old but also a traveler, nature enthusiast, and a proper foodie. I love dancing, meeting new people, practicing yoga. Health, family, passion, independence, and freedom are my values. I am extremely organized, love planning, and educating others! If you are currently looking for a photographer to cover your wedding, message me; let's have a chat about your day. I offer plenty of advice!

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Till next time!